Bed & Breakfast Rooms Oxford


Bed & Breakfast Rooms Oxford

I have named my rooms after places located in Oxford.  I hope this helps to familiarise you with this wonderful city and encourage you to come and explore even more.

‘Summertown’ – Double Room with En-suite Shower-Room

Bed & Breakfast Rooms Oxford

Diana’s Room Named Summertown

This room is named after the local suburb just down the road.  The Summertown area is home to some of the most beautiful properties in Oxford and that is why I named this room after it.  Take my ‘Summertown’, double en-suite and you will have the best room in the house!

Bed & Breakfast Rooms OxfordSummertown area is just a couple of miles from the center of Oxford and it has an outpouring of independent and national coffee shops, good restaurants, including Saffron, Xian for those of you who love your Indian and Chinese food.  Summertown has everything you could need; all supported by leading food shopping stores and speciality shops.  So much so that you when you take my ‘Summertown’ en-suite you will be sleeping in luxury Bed & Breakfast Rooms Oxfordbedding to suit an extremely comfortable bed, and in winter to keep you warm a soft Hungarian Down duvet!  Lovely to sleep in, but also great to watch your favourite programmes, all from our flat-screen TV.  Or wallow in luxury while accessing your free wi-fi internet access. Note, the mattress is a ‘memory foam’ mattress and so more supportive than a sprung mattress.

‘Headington’ is another Double Room with En-suite Shower-room

Bed & Breakfast Rooms Oxford

Diana’s Room Named ‘Headington’

”Just as good as my bed at home; comfy bed and plenty of space in the room;  so pleased to get fantastic flatscreen and tea and coffee in the room”. These are some of the typical comments from recent guests who have stayed in this large double room that has all the luxury associated with the others but is also great value for money.  Why name it ‘Headington’?  Well better than ordinary room 2, after all, you are visiting Oxford where the city centre is not the only place that is interesting.  Headington itself is a suburb of Oxford and you can follow the trails of C S Lewis there and our famous Shark in the Roof!

Headington suburb is located at the top of Headington Hill overlooking the city and the Thames Valley below. So is this room, high in the house giving you a sense of being on top of the world.Bed & Breakfast Rooms Oxford

And since January 2013 it has the added benefit of its own en-suite shower room!

The bed is a sprung mattress and for those guests who like a soft bed, for a more supportive mattress choose to book my room called ‘Summertown’.

“Jericho” – A Single that Shares a Bathroom with “Iffley”.

Bed & Breakfast Rooms Oxford

Single room called Jericho

Again, a historic suburb of Oxford has been chosen to name this room.

Indeed the Jericho suburb was originally a place for travellers to rest if they had reached the city after the gates had closed, it being outside the inner gates.   But this delightful cosy room will not put you out in the cold!  Far from it, you will sleep in a Staples bed whose company have the reputation for craftsmanship in the manufacture of quality beds since 1895!  So a good nights sleep is in order and for those of you who are taller, the bed is 6 inches longer than a standard bed, so your feet wont hang out of the bottom!

The mattress is also great for those who have back problems as it is more supportive.

“Iffley” is a Single that Shares a Bathroom with the Other Single

Bed & Breakfast Rooms OxfordThis single room named ‘Iffley’ is ‘Jericho’s’ sister image, where you will get the same cosiness but the other way round and the same luxury bed from the same craftsmen.

Bed & Breakfast Rooms OxfordThe real Iffley Village on the outskirts of Oxford, is on a little hill.  Historically, as today, a desirable place to live.  So too in this single room you are on the top floor safely away from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen-breakfast room or ground floor entrance.  A visit to both village and room will delight you and is great value for money.

The mattress is also great for those who have back problems as it is more supportive.

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