Booking Terms & Conditions

Booking Terms

These Booking Terms & Conditions apply to the business Diana’s B&B and the person or legal entity making the Booking. These Booking Terms are governed by English law and apply to all Bookings except where We agree in writing other terms. By making a Booking You are deemed to accept these Booking Terms.

When a Booking is made a contract between You and Us comes into effect unless we do not accept the reservation. Bookings must be paid for using an acceptable and valid credit or debit card – see below methods we can accept. Your payment will be deducted from the card you have left for payment immediately. This has been a recent policy change as I am getting too many people booking and consequently blocking out the rooms only to find I end up with a ‘no-show’ and the card being declined or invalid. Be assured if you need a payment returned to you it will be, less card charges of 2.8%.

The business is not VAT registered but if VAT were to become necessary during your stay all published rates would include VAT where applicable (and local taxes) at the current rate.
Rates are per room per night, including breakfast. If You have selected supplements they will be added to the total price of the Booking. Rates do not include other costs you may choose to incur during Your stay (unless otherwise stated).
Rates quoted are correct only for the specific number of guests, nights and dates shown. Should You change the number of guests, dates or room nights, then the rates are subject to change. A deposit may be due on booking at the discretion of the proprietor, it being the first nights stay.

In the rare case that due to unforeseen circumstances we cannot deliver Your requested accommodation, we will try to find you suitable accommodation within Oxford, but we cannot guarantee the price.

Arrival and departure
Please ensure you provide us with your estimated arrival time when making a booking. Check-in times are between 17:00 and 19:00, unless otherwise arranged and agreed prior to arrival. Check-in outside of these times may be subject to an extra charge of between £25.00 per hour from 12:00 and £45.00 per hour after 19:00.

Cancellations: If a booking is made on the Standard / General Rate the guest can cancel free of charge up to 14 days on the date of arrival. If cancelled or modified later, 30 percent of the total price of the reservation will be charged. In the case of a no-show the total price of the booking will be charged. If the booking has been made on an Advanced Purchase basis, which is a lower price than the Standard / General Rate the guest will be charged the total price if the booking is cancelled. All this is true unless the rooms are re-let for the period booked (and pro-rata), when a full refund is available.

Bookings Longer than 7 days
Any booking 7 days or longer may be charged 50% of the booking cost, which is none refundable. If this policy is agreed within the deadline and the booking is cancelled before 6pm, 7 days prior to the arrival date the guest may be charged the additional 50% of the booking or the full amount if the booking has been made within the 7 days prior to arrival. The policy terms here, may be emailed to the booker, who has a deadline of 24hrs, to email and cancel, if they do not agree with the policy, from the sending of that email. All this is true unless the rooms are re-let for the period booked (and pro-rata), when a full refund is available.

To amend your booking, call the business directly on 01865 364338 or if you have booked through or any other online booking provider please contact them directly. If you amend Your Booking to the same value as the original booking there are no charges but if the amendments include in part any cancellations then you will be liable for payment, unless the rooms have been re-let. If you new booking is for a more expensive period you may incur an extra cost.

Likelihood of Re-letting
There is no guarantee of re-letting, however, Diana’s B&B is very popular, especially in Spring, Summer and Autumn and in 2015 there was an 89% chance of re-letting.

Accepted methods of payment
Payments can be made in cash Sterling, Visa, Mastercard; Travellers cheques and personal / business cheques may not be accepted as is the case with AMEX.
All additional goods and services purchased during your stay must be paid in full on presentation of invoice. Paying by Credit Card may incur a 1% charge.

Conditions of Stay/Use

We have some standard rules that are designed to ensure that we comply with regulations relating to matters such as fire, health and safety, and to enhance the comfort and wellbeing of our guests. We reserve the right to terminate Your Booking immediately without being liable for any refund or compensation where You engage in unacceptable behaviour that causes a disturbance or nuisance to other guests.

Non-smoking property. Smoking is not permitted in any of the rooms or communal areas of the B&B (including hanging out of a window!); guests violating this rule may be fined £100 and asked to leave, without us being liable for any refund or compensation.

Sorry, no pets as Max our dog, cannot cope with them.