Christ Church Meadow

Christ Church Meadow Oxford

Christ Church Meadow Oxford

Christ Church Meadow by John Elinger

“Between the Isis and the City wait the Meadow, Merton Field and Deadmans’s Walk
(bordered by gardens you must pause to view)
beneath the spire of Christ Church and the towers
Magdalen and Merton Colleges,
where many bells resound. As boats and hours
pass slow, the wise ones and the foolish talk
of tea and the eternal verities,
where one great river knits the flow of two,
while lonely souls and cattle ruminate”.

You can be in the middle of Oxford and think you are out in the countryside when you are in Christ Church Meadow. Take a picnic or walk along the river. Walk along the towpath by going east from Salters Boat yard and you will see the College Boat yards with the canoes the students use and practise on for the race agains Cambridge every year. They will no-doubt be practising while many of you are there!

But the Meadow itself is beautiful – once a defence against fighting Parliamentarians now it is very tranquil unless you see one of the tractors or lawn movers around. Or even one of the very rare English Longhorn Cow’s that live on the Meadow.

Open all year round you may even see some of Christ Church Cathedral School boys that go there to do field work or their sports. It is also the place where the Oxford Story Museum host Alice’s Tea Party it the summer!

But it is not to be missed as you get the essence of what Oxford is all about just by walking around and talking to the people you see there. So stop by before you go into Oxford’s most famous college – Christ Church and before you visit ‘Alice’s Shop’ right across the road from the main gates.

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