Gluten Free Breakfast Oxford


Regular Or Gluten Free Breakfast Oxford?

Do you need a Regular English breakfast or by Supplement, a Gluten Free Speciality called ‘Gluten Free Breakfast Oxford’; either is home cooked by Diana.

But pampered you will be with Full English Breakfast, fruit, cereals and toast – you choose some or all of that!  Or for those guests who prefer continental with fresh croissants (when available) from Gatineau, or some lovely fresh bread or brioche or choose the gluten free alternatives, by letting me know – I need at least 3 or 4 days ahead if you want my Gluten Free special breakfast so email me please 🙂

Then there Diana’s famous homemade yogurt, totally organic and creamy, with fresh fruits on the side – Seasonal and organic whenever possible!

So, Diana’s Speciality Breakfast “Gluten Free Breakfast Oxford”

If you are wheat/gluten intolerant or adhere to a low-carb, keto lifestyle, for breakfast there’s an alternative to complement traditional cooked breakfast of eggs & bacon:

1. Diana’s own home made yoghurt (yes, many supermarket yoghurts contain wheat).
2. Diana’s own produced cereal that I have called Chocolate Nut Crunch – made from a nut flour.
3. Diana’s versions of Maria Emmerich’s Amazing Healthified Breads – nut flour based.
4. Gluten free sausages, no wheat and natural casings.

Gluten Free Breakfast OxfordIf you need gluten free/low-carb options, as I said above, please make sure you reserve this option as they are getting very popular and there is a small extra cost.  I want to make sure they are available for those of you who really need them, as I am passionate about health – both yours and mine 🙂




Food at Diana’s

I run a B&B so I make no apology for not providing evening dining ;(  I leave that to the experts in our suburbs of Oxford or the city, while we concentrate on giving you the best start in the day with our breakfast.

I can recommend the following in Summertown, Portabello’s, Joe’s, Cibo, Xi’an (if you like chinese and also does takeaway), Mamma Mia’s (if you prefer Italian) and Saffron (if Indian takes your fancy and they also do takeaway!).

What Guests Say About the Food


“Diana’s top recommendation, ‘Gee’s’ a restaurant just a couple of miles down the main road, was excellent and as she said herself if we could dine at Gee’s every night, we would certainly do so! But Diana’s breakfast is not to be missed either, especially her beautiful yogurt!”


“We loved dining at Joe’s the food was delicious and very good value”.


“I have been coming regularly to Diana’s B&B and I really look forward to cooked breakfast being made for me! I love the scrambled eggs with fresh coriander or sometimes parsley and it all goes well with the breakfast conversations”.

You can find Diana’ B&B at
2a Harefields, Oxford OX2 8NS