June - Always A Busy Month in Oxford

June – Always A Busy Month in Oxford

We always have visitors to our beautiful city of Oxford here in the UK. What with people from abroad visiting the 38 colleges, businesses connected to the University and renowned hospitals, but……

June – Always a Busy Month in Oxford!

You see in June is when we have the graduations! The undergraduates and post graduates all receiving their degrees having spent 3yrs of their lives attaining it. So, we get the parents, grandparents, friends and other family coming to the ceremonies and having garden parties in the college grounds.

Everything is abundant here in Oxford and June seems to be the most abundant.

It’s reflected in everything. I went out to Oxfords Arboretum a few days ago and it is reflected there too. With not only trees from all over the world but Azalea’s and Rhododendron’s galore! Their vibrant colours giving us spectacular images in this month of June.

Harcourt Arboretum can also be full of Bluebell woods (not very good this year of 2017 due to our English wet weather), wildflower meadows and the Redwood trees are as always spectacular along with the Money Puzzle trees 🙂 And then there are the magnificent Peacocks that roam the arboretum and make their loud squawking sounds – abundance again!

And it all began with in 1835 when the then Archbishop Vernon Harcourt of Nuneham House commissioned William Sawrey Gilpin to design and plant an 8 acre pinetum in the parkland with the estate. Then 30yrs ago the then owners sold the estate that is now part of Oxford’s Botanic Gardens.

What is it I wonder that makes it a place of excellence and this abundance?

Rather than my thought’s if you are reading this and from whatever background you are from, maybe you would like to comment below with your own thoughts and experiences on this question I have posed?


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