Local Suburb Called Summertown

Summertown OxfordJust down the road about a 15 minute walk is the local suburb called Summertown.  Don’t get it wrong and think that my B&B is in Summertown.  It is not, its just I liked the idea of calling my rooms after something rather than boring old 1, 2 and 3 etc.

There you will find many restaurants and small express supermarkets.  We even have a M&S food hall which is well stocked and serves my guests well.  I don’t of course provide an evening meal although I have occasionally offered a complimentary dinner with us!

The Dew Drop InnI would recommend our local pub called the Dew Drop Inn (or is it Do Drop) and there is Joe’s Grill which is very popular.  Get early into any place in Summertown though because it gets very busy.

You can park along the western side of the Banbury Road.  Or if you get stuck you can find parking at the back of the Co-op down the side of Finders Keepers Letting Agency on the eastern side of the Banbury Road.