Magnificent May Half-Term at Oxford’s Story Museum!

A Lovely Place to Visit, Especially with Children

The Story Museum in Oxford had some great activities for our children and families over the May half-term.  Described as to do with ‘Rocket dogs, bad fairies and book worms’ would delight children of all ages!

Then on June 7, I’d recommend their ‘Kite Flying – Family Fun’ day where kites can be made and then launched into the sky. I should imagine lots and lots of children of all ages would enjoy this fun activity day.

The Story Museum has really grown exponentially since it move to Pembroke Street in Oxford in 2009.  It has now become very popular that even my guests are arriving with something to do with the Museum.  I had a lovely lady stay a few days again who is a professional story teller.  I didn’t even know such people existed although I have heard my own aunt reciting prose from memory – enticing many a young person with her gift!  I’ve also had guests stay for the annual ‘Alice in Wonderland’ extravaganza in Christ Church meadow and I will update my blog when that event is next going to take place because it is just an event that cannot be missed, what with their long mad hatters tea party table, Alice greeting all the guests and all the characters interacting with children young and old.

Best wishes,