Morse's Oxford

Morse’s Oxford III

Morse's Oxford III

Morse’s Oxford includes The Turf Tavern. You have to go down an alley way to get to this, one of the oldest pubs in Oxford. Amongst the University buildings it has served Ale and Food to both poor and rich, famous and infamous, educated and those not so privileged. It can be difficult to find, but when you know the entrance is by the Bridge of Sighs (also know as the Hereford Bridge) then you can’t go wrong. You just follow the signs down St Helen’s Passage – previously “Hell’s Passage”.

Morse’s Oxford

Morse's Oxford

Fish, Chips & Mushy Peas at The Turf

The Turf has been described as the ‘Oldest Pub in Oxford’, the ‘Most Famous Pub in Oxford’, an ‘Adorable Hidden Pub’ and ‘British & Cool’. You will find your own description once you have tried its food and/or its ale. But experience British tradition you will, especially if you include Fish, Chips and Mushy Peas in this part of Morse’s Oxford!

Morse’s Oxford

Morse's Oxford

Ale at The Turf Tavern

But it was for its Ale that Morse visited The Turf, ‘to be able to think” – his excuse. Particularly partial to it, he didn’t need to be educated in its intoxications!



You will find Morse’s Oxford in the Turf Tavern in the episodes:

“The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn”

“Service of All the Dead”

“Settling of the Sun”

Morse's Oxford

Education in Intoxication

But The Turf Tavern has a lovely history of its own, dating way back to 1381. Originally it emerged outside of the city walls so as to not have to be ruled by the colleges. This brought about a reputation of gambling under its roof which all changed in 1842 when the Turf was given its new name. Originally it was known as the Spotted Cow.  Why the Spotted Cow – I am not sure.  But the Turf was now dragged into respectability although each generation might say it is still getting there. Its mantra of offering ‘An Education in Intoxication” is typically of a students humour and meant to be outside of the Establishment, still.

Morse's OxfordBut I would agreed when they say “If you’ve been to Oxford before, without visiting The Turf, then you haven’t really visited Oxford!”. Even without being part of Morse’s Oxford it is still a “must see”.

Most of the reviews on Trip Advisor are ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’ and we all have our likes and dislikes. so I would still recommend a visit even if it is only for one of Morse’s Ales:

“Adorable Hidden Pub”

“British & Cool”

“Un pub où on aime se perdre”

“Thanks Morse”


“Amazing Fish & Chips”

“Get there early and relax in this beautiful pub|”

“Historic Charm”

“Worth to visit: amazing and with a history edge”

“Around the corner and down the alley”

Here is the full episode of “The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn” where you will have to wait to near the end to see Morse and Lewis in The Turf Tavern and hear Morse’s Law – “…there is always time for one more pint”. Or is there?

I hope you enjoyed Morse’s Oxford III!


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