Oxford Castle

Rumbled by the Jailer

Two of my lovely guests from Bury this morning were telling me how much they enjoyed the tour of Oxford Castle yesterday.  From learning about the resident Ghost to the wonderful period costume of the guide, who happened to be the old jailer 😉

The Castle is in a beautiful area of town where development has taken place over the last 10 yrs.,  so there’s more to see than just the Castle.  No wonder its now called the Oxford Castle Unlocked as there is lots to learn about the history stretching back over a 1000 yrs to the Saxon Tower.

There’s also more than the castle to see.  You can have a coffee or tea or a quick snack of Saxon Soup at Cafe 1071 (you won’t want much after a full cooked breakfast at my B&B) and carry on meandering around the buildings of beautiful cotswold stone that makes up many buildings in this area.  Then you can finish off in the Gift Shop but remember things start to close around 5:30pm most days in Oxford.

You might be lucky enough to be around when open air theatre performances take place with the stunning castle as the backdrop.  Having experienced it, I know you will find it very atmospheric.